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Thursday, April 10, 2003
SI.com - College Basketball - Men - North Carolina players anxious to get new coach

The North Carolina players sit around at night and talk about their coaching wish list. The names include Roy Williams, Larry Brown, Tubby Smith and George Karl.

They also wonder what's taking so long.

"We're real anxious to get this thing going," forward David Noel said Wednesday, eight days after Matt Doherty's forced resignation. "It's been hard going through workouts knowing you don't have a coach. You've just got to push yourself (emphasis added by me)."

...For Noel, the wait gets harder with each passing day.

"We need a coach, and if you're going to accept the job accept the job," Noel said of Williams. "If he doesn't take it we'll just keep moving on. It's just a waiting game now.

"I know it's a tough decision because he has his own legacy at Kansas. It would be tough to leave that, but this is North Carolina."

I've never been a Tarheel fan - comes with growing up with a Wolfpack fan dad. But as I read about these young men appear to be too full of themselves. Who's in charge? I hope it's the administration - and at the same time, I wish the media would quit looking for soundbites and quips from teenagers on the direction of the university's search for a coach.

In other words, shut up, work out, and let the people who know do what's in your best interests - which hopefully will be get a coach who knows how to handle egos. Geez.
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