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Saturday, April 26, 2003
This might be a record for posts in one day for me - woo hoo.

I'm really tired tonight. We had fun today, heading to the park, shopping at Wal-Mart, lunch at D's Wings, and goofing off at home tonight. I've also had some time this morning and this afternoon to surf the web in search of "irony & christianity" - imagine that. It's a thought I've gleaned from A IS FOR ABDUCTIVE, and it's got me thinking: I'm way more cynical than alot of my church friends/family, and part of it is an irony & sarcasm & satire that I tend to see in just about everything... Ever notice?

What are people looking for? Substance. Meaning. Something worth living for, worth dying for, worth fighting for. I know that most people probably don't think like that, but on some level I believe that's what we all want. We might be afraid of the hurt, afraid of the vulnerability, afraid of rejection - but in the end, we want to feel like what we're going after is worth going after.

In the middle of that is hedonism - selfish abandon - and servanthood - selfless abandon. And that's the realm of God, isn't it? Selflessly giving, and yet jealously holding onto our praise...? Just thoughts, ramblings, musings... on what's the most important thing we could ever hope to grab ahold of: God Himself. If He wants relationship bad enough to pursue us, isn't it worth the effort to pursue Him? To enjoy Him, and to deny myself in serving Him and introducing others to Him. Isn't it ironic?
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