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Sunday, May 11, 2003
Afternoon plan: start training the dog. Grace has this annoying hounddog habit of getting out of the fenced in backyard and harassing the neighbors. Or joggers. Or cyclists. She goes into the street occasionally, which is dangerous enough. But she's also scaring at least one woman, and I can't blame her husband for getting angry with us. He just came by for the second time, letting me know that our dog was out. I could be offended, but I'm not: I understand, and I really don't want to be so crotchety as to not care what happens to his wife or to our dog. So, we'll head outside to train Grace to the RadioFence - woo hoo, zzap zzap. Hopefully she'll take to it and we'll all be able to get along.

UPDATE: Well, the wire is laying along the perimeter of the yard, and it shocked me as I had my finger between the zzap polls and got too close to it - woo hoo. The dog didn't like it - Gracie got close enough to hear the beeping, but never yelped - so I don't think she's gotten shocked yet. But we'll see. Got to train her for the next two weeks, make her understand where her boundaries are. I can't have my dog terrorizing the neighborhood. I want to be a better neighbor than that, a better neighbor than I've been in the past.
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