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Friday, May 02, 2003
CNN.com - The power of 'X' - May. 1, 2003

... And so it begins. X2 this weekend, MATRIX: RELOADED in two weeks, followed closely by HULK and a slew of summer movies.

Bring it on. I'm looking forward to seeing X2 this weekend, and planning accordingly for all of the opening dates to come. I'll post reviews - whether a film sucks, rocks, or in between - and I welcome anyone else's comments/reviews when I do.

Let the games begin - woo hoo.

UPDATE: X2 - The Afternath. I enjoyed it, but it moved too slow for what I was expecting. Most reviews key in on how much is going on, and I get caught up in how little's actually happening. I'm an enigma. Anyway, the spirituality aspects of Nightcrawler aren't stereotyped, and "faith" is something to be cherished in this story, so there are a few very good storytelling qualities here. All in all, I liked the first one better, but I'm hard to please. Probably like Spider-Man, it'll gorw on me after the fact.
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