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Thursday, May 29, 2003
Crosswalk.com - 'Gay Jesus' Claim Draws Fire

Don't we have enough to worry about? This line from the article sums it up for me: "He uses Jesus' 'astrological chart' - the planet Uranus figures prominently, as in the case with many homosexuals, he says - and argues that there are clues in the Bible to back up his views." I love irony, but this is too much. And it was funded with Aussie tax dollars ($33K usd). All this so that his own "bias" could bring to bear certain new assumptions about Jesus, like calling the disciple John "the one whom Jesus loved."

Give. me. a. break. I want to get riled up over this, but I can't - somehow, giving it this much space has probably over-inflated it's real significance. And actually, for me, it's not an argument/debate that worth our time. I'd rather discuss His call on my life, what it means to take up my cross and follow Him, what it looks like to become Christ-like, not just arguing from our own cultural or even denominational presuppositions.

Like I said, too much space already.
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