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Sunday, May 04, 2003
I feel like crud.

I'll make it; not that bad, just a soreness in the back of my throat, lower sinuses, hurts-when-I-swallow regions. Lots of coffee and it'll at least be bareable, I hope. For now, I'm getting ready for church. Is it just me, or is this bot the best place and the worst place to go if you're feeling sick? I hate putting on fronts and looking like everything's okay when I feel bad; and at the same time, if I'm feeling bad, I enjoy the fellowship of worshipping with my eyes closed, knowing that the room's full, but it's just me - corporate and individual, and you forget that you feel that bad for just a few minutes at least. Anyway, I look forward to gathering this morning. And at the same time, I'm not faking a happy face to "fit in", ok?

Mark Riddle posted this on 05/01:
    Broken: In my office I have a bookshelf with three large bowls... My first week I used these bowls in an object lesson.
    I broke dropped one bowl on purpose. stepped on it. about 50 pieces.
    I broke the second bowl into about 3 big pieces.
    I left the third alone.

    The bowls for us as a ministry stand for transformation, that we are "in process". God is working on us. We don't have it together. We are broken. Some shattered some a bit more together. Noone whole... But here's my point. It reminded me that people don't generally come to church expecting to see anything or anyone broken. Not that things aren't broken. But we aren't used to seeing broken things in church. We have lot of buildings called church that are filled with broken people who don't seem to be broken. The church is most alive and God is most active when the we see each others brokenness. It's in our collective brokenness that we are transformed.

I'm still messed up over this, 'cause it's so true. As I commented over there, I've got half a mind to mess up the pristine lectern in the sanctuary this morning just to see what everyone's reaction would be.... Ok, maybe not, but I'm definitely not going to fake feeling good. I'll be one of the "broken things" this morning, and people will jsut have too deal.
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