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Thursday, May 08, 2003
LarkNews.com: Wal-Mart rejects 'racy' worship CD

Do you think worship can get too intimate, that lyrics can get too suggestive? What's one of the big problems you see with "worship music" today?

... the biggest problem is that the article above could be entirely true. We've gone too far in making some of our worship times/songs too focused on ME & God, rather than on God, or at the very least on God & me (lowercase). In doing that, there are often songs that extol the virtuous love of Christ, and at the same time they'd be entirely appropriate at the prom or in the closing credits of some teen-coming-of-age-losing-virginity flick. Where's the real depth? Where's the real passion for God? It's more than how this all makes me feel, more than reflecting on emotion and ecstacy. I'm all for pursuing intimacy, but in remembering the friendship *and* the fear, we lose something if the focus is on anything other than Christ lifted up... ok, stepping down from soapbox.
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