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Saturday, May 24, 2003
TheAntiTrust - For those of you who've seen MATRIX RELOADED: Dialogue, Neo & the Architect

I'm going way out on a limb here: most of the people who've disliked MR are under the false impression that this thing is supposed to make sense on some spiritually aesthetic plane. It won't - it's a comic book, a story, maybe with some interesting parallels with the authors'/artists' own inclinations, but still just a graphic novel "read aloud" by the author in a cineplex. In essence, this one doesn't preach well, does it?

I liked it. And as time passes, I appreciate it more for its storytelling, 'cause this looks like it's going to be a good story. Perhaps that was a strength in the first one: everyone liked a good story, and oh yeah there were allusions to deeper meanings. Everyone now has hyped this as the next pseudo-pomo-christian tool to use in all of our attempts to be culturally relevant and preaching to show we're up wit dat - and instead of enjoying a good story, we've been left with psychobabble and pop-theology/philospophy. We can't understand it, what to make of it, how to make it fit our presupposed notions of what we wanted it to say (should I blog on PROOFTEXTING IN THE MATRIX?).

But it's just a story. "Neo" is a bug in the system, if the system is to be believed at all. He is a "workaround" - a last resort to change the workflow since the actual problem can't be fixed. That makes sense to me, a programmer, on a deeper level than simply saying He's messianic. Jesus isn't an error - He's the system. If anything, our fallen nature is the bug allowed into the system. ......But I'm not going to force that in there either. I'm just saying that we should let the story play out.

I want to see the movie again, and I want the DVD (of course). It'll be at IMAX in June - woo hoo. In the meantime, I dwell on CHOICE and LOVE - as pointed out in the dialogue linked above, this time around is different. Or is it?
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