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Sunday, May 18, 2003
Well, I'm flying out in a few hours. Spending tonight in Atlanta and taking a 7am flight to sunny Puerto Rico in the morning. Except that I'll probably be in a boardroom somewhere for most of the trip. When we get there, I'm hoping we'llhave time to check in and freshen up a bit. But I'm prepared to hit the ground running. I am taking the bathingsuit - don't know if I'll have an opp to use it, but if I don't take it, I won't use it. Anyway, pray for the family - last week of school will be hectic enough. But this isn't a long trip, and we'll be together to go the other direction - mountains of NC - for the Memorial Day weekend.

Blogging might be tight. If I can get connected I'll post. If not - not.

Thank you for flying WannaGetBack Airlines. Please keep all arms and legs in the cabin as we take off.
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