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Friday, May 09, 2003
We're driving to Gainesville, GA, today for the spring Cleansing Streams regional retreat. I've been a few times before, and we're taking 18 people this time - biggest group we've had make it to the retreat. We've been meeting once a month or so since January, watching a video together and then "doing the homework" - a woorkbook and tapes/book. and it builds to this: a weekend away to deal with personal baggage and with God.

I'm not much into "deliverance ministry" - there are often too many things that are screwy and over-sensationalized, without alot of discipleship and real change. This set is different. By studying for four months, you get steeped in real freedom. Starting with Alignment - where you're challenged to walk by the Spirit, not by the soul (mind/will/emotions) or the body - and culminating this weekend as we deal finally with the particulars of pride, rejection, abuse, etc, there's a sense that this is real and transforming in our lives if we'll take the time to walk it out, and if we'll allow Christ to set us free.

I'll write more later - not sure if my laptop's going or not, but we'll see.
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