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Sunday, June 15, 2003
Any suggestions on a one-on-one book for reading together, discipling each other, etc? I've got a few in mind, but I honestly don't want to start something that I've already read, already have preconceived notions on. My friend Scott & I are going to start meeting at Starbucks each Wednesday morning through the summer, and I'd like to read something good that'll stretch us both; not just something I can lead him through to "think like me," but something we can grow through together. Anyway, leave a comment if you've got a suggestion.

UPDATE 06/17 7:18am - thanks for all the suggestions. Keep 'em coming. I'm hard to please when it comes to reading and movies - hate to waste time/$$$ on something that's not going to really smack me and challenge me, you know? Anyway, good suggestions, and I really appreciate the help & encouragement.
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