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Sunday, June 29, 2003
b4G: Love In The Midst Of Pain

Jen has been through alot over the past week or so, and it comes out in this post at b4G. There's something about that time, those times, when everything in us is still lacking to help with what we're actually going through. "Outside of our comfort zone" isn't a place we like in our comfort-driven consumer society, and yet it's the only place where we find ourselves desperate enough to hear Him, to do as He says, to actually have faith that He's still there and still gives a rip. I don't know what she's been through, but I'm glad that God is revealing Himself. That's all I can think of after my own desert/wilderness/non-comfort-zone times: what did I learn about God here that surprised me, that encouraged me, that gave me hope when there was none.

Thanks, Jen.
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