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Friday, June 06, 2003
I posted my "faith/life story" a few days ago, and that was fun (my wife said she liked that better than the post on snakes from CNN - eeww). Last night, I shared another chapter of that story with my daughter. She wanted to hear a story about when she was a baby, so I started with the night before she was born.

We stayed up late. I still had to finish painting the new nursery, and the colors on the rainbow wall weren't completely dry when we went to bed. But we back up in a few hours (I'm sure I slept hard, as usual) to go to the hospital. We had to be there by 6am or so for the scheduled-C, and the rest of the family (Trace stayed with Grampa and Grandma) would meet us by 8am.

If I've got my clock right, the surgery was quick and Cammi was born around 7:30am - almost in time for breakfast biscuits from Hardee's. After they cleaned all the goop off of her, we walked into the hallway outside of the waiting room. I think the pediatrician was holding her; my plan had been to introduce her to Tracer first and let him tell everyone else that he had a new baby sister (we hadn't told anyone that we knew - sneaky). But she/pediatrician barreled through the doors and introduced her as our daughter. I called T-boy over and let him poke her to make sure she was real.

Then it was off to the nursery to cry a lot and scream alot and get more goop cleaned up. She was beautiful, even as the grandparents were blinding her with flashbulbs through the nursery window.

I told her last night that we'd talk about Trace's first day later. That one's a doozy.
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