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Friday, June 13, 2003
I started 2003 with the resolution to *finish* a book per week. That pasted about three months, and then I got bogged down in a couple of books that were either too long to finish adequately in a week, or that weren't interesting enough (which is why I hadn't finished them before). So here I am, back in the predicament of being the middle of at least two or three books at a time.

I'm reading two books right now (having given up for a time on my new year's resolution to *finish* a book per week), one fiction and one non-fic. I'm reading THE ADVENTURES OF KAVALIER & CLAY, and it's bogging me down. Good story, but wa-a-a-a-ay too long. I bought it for my flight to Miami back in December, and took it with me again to Puerto Rico a couple of weeks ago. I'm now HALF-way through the SIX HUNDRED PLUS page novel. It's about two cousins writing/drawing comic books in the late 1930s. Good story for the most part, just so-o-o-o-o-o long to get to some kind of conclusion. Anyway, Michael Chabon is a decent author (or I would've dumped any attempts to finish this thing long ago), so I'll press on.

I've just started (re-started, I think) GOD'S PASSION FOR HIS GLORY by John Piper. I'm caught up in the introductions, and then I'll be reading the text of a couple of John Edwards' books that he is re-publishing in this format. Good stuff; challenging stuff; stretching stuff. I haven't gotten to the Edwards portion yet - THE END FOR WHICH GOD CREATED THE WORLD - but I'm looking forward to having to think about stuff with real depth & substance.

And in the Bible, I'm meditating on Philippians right now. Topics like the mind of Christ and attitude of Christ (chapter 2), identifiying with Christ in His suffering (chapter 3) and an over all attitude of joy in the midst of it all - that's what's pumping me up right now.
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