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Saturday, June 07, 2003
I'm going to try to stick to a topic of MOVIES this coming week. I've watched a couple of good ones over the past couple of weeks:

As I was watching the movie this morning, I was struck by this thought: The best movies of my life were probably made in the 80s. Now, that's just a generalization right now, and probably/hopefully isn't entirely true. I've liked alot of movies from the 90s and beyond, and I'd say that GLADIATOR and THE MATRIX are right up there at the top of my best-of-life list, and they're recent films. But there's something about nostalgia, remembering going to the theaters (I'm still in the same town and some of those theaters don't exist any more), going to a summer movie double feature, finding a good action flick on the last day of school - priceless.

Don't save me the aisle seat. I prefer fourth row center, thanks.
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