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Friday, June 20, 2003
I'm up way too early on a Friday morning. This has been a nutty week. At work, it's been one puzzling little thing after another. Spent three days trying to figure out one problem, and got a new one yesterday that's eating my lunch already, too. High stress is okay for short bursts, but this has been intense most of the week now.

A dear friend from church passed away Sunday afternoon, and her services are tonight and tomorrow. She was at church Sunday morning, and passed away in her sleep later in the afternoon. As we're lifting up her daughters, I'm also reminded of the "discussions" we would have over bible studies and stuff. I'm going to miss her.

Positive things have come out this week, too. My ons was grounded from all technology-related playthings yesterday - meaning no Gamecube, no TV, no DVDs, no PC, no Gameboy - and he lived. Actually enjoyed himself, playing board games and reading books, just like in the olden days when I was a kid, huh? Son, we didn't have DVDs back then, we had tapes and we had to be kind and rewind before taking them back to the cheesy video store up the street; didn't even have Blockbuster, and I had to walk uphill both ways in the snow.... oh never mind.

Scott & I are going to read Dallas Willard's DIVINE CONSPIRACY together this summer. I hope I can get all the way through it this time. We'll meet at Starbucks every Wednesday, find a comfy chair or two and follow Willard's thoughts on the Discourse On The Hill in Matthew 5-7 and beyond.

And of course, THE HULK comes out this weekend. A few of us are going to see it Sunday night, methinks. If it's any good, I might have to change the background color to GREEN for a time next week. Meanwhile, I can see where it might be cheesy and where the graphics aren't there yet to make a fully functional, non-shifty human-esque character on screen yet. I'm just hoping the story carries everything and not just the effects.
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