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Saturday, June 14, 2003
Just for the record, I don't like the new "blogger basic" screens coming up right now. Not completely down with it, just not sold on the new interface. I tried posting this semblance of a thought twice yesterday, and it jammed each time. Perhaps today is the day...?

Bad thing on the way to work yesterday morning (Friday). I usually sleep pretty deep through the night, but I woke up really wide awake to go to the bathroom, just knowing that it was morning and time to get up for real. Then I noted it was only about 2:30am - yuck. So I went back to sleep, knowing it wouldn't be as deep as before. Anyway, I woke up again - this time at 5:30am, and I went on and got up. No use going back to sleep and forcing myself out of bed an hour later. I took my shower, went downstairs and did some blog-time. I ended up leaving around 7:15am, deciding to stop at Starbucks on the way in. Bad move.

After a night where I woke up more than I'm used to, I stopped for a caramel machiato at the new shop on Forest Drive. There was no line, and not many cars, and I saw folks inside sitting at the tables and reading or chatting. And I made my move - I took my book in and decided to get my coffee and find a fluffy comfy chair to crash in until about 8am. That was so-o-o-o relaxing, I can't begin to describe. I watched the morning rush grow a bit, saw two guys start a "business" meeting, listened to a mom tell her little girl about the stuff on the walls, listened to some light jazz, sipped my coffee and read a few pages. And then I had to go to work... bad thing, since I knew it would probably be downhill from there.

Sigh. I was right, mostly. Long day, tedious in spots, but we worked last night @ home to get a new entertainment center - woo hoo - into the house, and the one from the living room upstairs to our room. So it wasn't a total waste (no day ever is, is it?), but.... I'm looking forward to hitting Starbucks again this evening after seeing X2 with my wife. Ahhhh....
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