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Thursday, June 19, 2003
Reuters | Religious Attacks Muted as New Potter Book Lands


UPDATE: I took a little time to read the article above, and I'm impressed that "we" as Christians are not harping on this topic once again. Yes, I think there is something wrong with the whole Harry Potter line. My wife agrees that they have been growing increasingly dark and ominous. As a teacher and a mother of children who are growing up with a love for reading, she felt like it was necessary to read the books for herself (I tried - couldn't get into the first story). So she'll probably read this next one, too, and be able to report back on it. But while they have been "good stories" and wel-written, and while there are certain occultic undertones throughout, I'm glad to see that maybe we're focusing on other things... like, say, sin in our midst, hopefully?
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