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Tuesday, June 03, 2003
Starbucks is finally here in the capital city. Back in January or so, I wrote an email to the corporate offices, describing our happy little town and how unhappy we were that there was no *official* Starbucks (coffee cafe's in B&N do not count, do they?). A few months later, and we've got a shop in the heart of the Forest Acres area of town. Only drawback: my newly ordered/received Starbucks card won't work; their system isn't processing them yet as of yesterday afternoon. But I told 'em I'm already a regular, and now their store is on the way to *everything* - even though it's about ten miles away.

Author's note: Please don't flood the comments with how bad it is, how capitalistic $tarbuck$ is, etc. I know all that. But compared to what we've settled for in this town, this is big time. And even though I can brew a better cup of their coffee at home (love grinding the beans fresh), I can't replicate the aroma and atmosphere as easily in front of the collection of refrigerator magnets with the dishwasher running. If you're going to comment, tell me what to order (anything but the toffee nut stuff last christmas)....
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