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Tuesday, June 17, 2003
Tuesday morning. Yesterday was way too long @ work. I started out (8:30am) by having to find something to do (a customer account was put on hold, so I'm without something solid and billable for the next couple of weeks). And when I was given something to get into for the day, it took a-l-l d-a-y. No lunch, this is priority, this is the last thing on the list, etc. When I finally got out at 5:30pm, I was drained. I'm a programmer, sitting on my buns all day, so it's not the most strenuous job out there. But the mental strain and the workload still wears on you, and I was beat.

On the other hand, after coming downstairs to let the dog out and cool off around midnight last night (A/C upstairs set too high to blow), I finally went back upstairs and slept really well - best night's sleep in a few days. So there's your moral - work hard, sleep hard, repeat.

Meanwhile, I'm making coffee (grinding Starbucks instead of buying Starbucks this morning) and heading out the door. Gotta find something to do again, and hope to get started on that early enough to *PICK* the next assignment.
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