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Saturday, June 28, 2003
Two movies. Two DVDs. Two Netflix rentals going back in the mail today.

Last night, we watched the 007 DIE ANOTHER DAY. No thought required, which was good after a very draining mental week. Anyway, I figured out the plot points before Commander Bond, which took more mind that I'd wanted to use but was way too easy to figure out. My wife's really hoping that the Halle Berry Kinx character doesn't get spun off to her own movie series, or at least gets better writers.

Then this morning, I watched 12 MONKEYS on my portable player. Long movie, bizarre on alot of points, and why did they throw in the curve at the end, using a virtually unknown character.... but I digress. I thought Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt were very good in their parts, and enjoyed the movie overall. I just hate it when it seems that the ending is thrown together. Might have to get that one and watch it again.

Also out from Netflix for the kids: THE GREAT MOUSE DETECTIVE and BATMAN: THE LEGEND BEGINS. Sending my two back today, so I should have next selections by Wednesday - SE7EN and PUNCH DRUNK LOVE. Hopefully I'm not on too big of a Brad Pitt kick (I've got MEET JOE BLACK in my queue, too). Last time I was hooked on one actor, it was Kevin Spacey, until THE SHIPPING NEWS depressed the bejeebers out of me.

I keep meaning to blog more about movies. I really enjoy getting into plots, good story, good characters, good & meaningful dialogue. Of the movies I just mentioned, probably none would ever be on any "best of" lists - though 12 MONKEYS is right up there on some sci-fi lists I've seen. Image, story, perception, words - all come together in film, and they come together well in a good film. I hate to see a movie just to escape or to get my mind turned to mush, but even those have a place from time to time (like the 007 flick last night). So if I don't take them too seriously, and I take them seriously enough to make the time worthwhile, I don't consider it a waste to see a good movie at the theater, or rent it on DVD.

BTW, there's no going back to VHS and "please be kind - rewind." Now that DVDs are out, with all the special features and commentary ("pop-up video stuff during 007 was really cool - better than the movie itself!), there's no reason to watch a video tape of anything other than home movies. And once it's a little less cost prohibitive to make Home DVDs, we'll be there, too.
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