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Friday, July 18, 2003
  • BostonGlobe.com - Somali influx gets mixed Carolina welcome - Despite plight, Bantu refugees aren't embraced
  • TheState.com - Friday's Letters To The Editor

    I've been watching the displeasure building towards the Lutheran Family Services and the coming exodus of Bantu families. Most of the letter-authors are correct - we're not uncaring and mean. We're just selfish. We've staked an enormous amount of time and effort and tax dollars on building up our community and subdivisions for our children, our grandchildren, and our nicely manicured retirement villas. We're already helping too many people on the public dole, but at least they speak English and don't need specialized McDonald's menus.

    We would love to offer help to the Bantu, but this consideration should be spread out amongst all of the Columbia Metro area. By my calculations, everything would be fine if the Columbia NE area took 30%, Irmo gives help to antoher 30%, downtown Columbia gives shelter/aid to 40%, and the last 30% comes to Cay- no, wait. Well, that works.

    Seriously, the opportunity to aid another people group and to learn from another culture outweighs the concerns of the citizens of Cayce. We're not worried about property values when our neighbors' old beat up '75 Ford is rotting in the driveway. But when you're moving in new people who just need a helping hand and a fresh start to escape the tyranny and bondage of their homeland, then everyone's up in arms. They have been in refugee camps for the past ten years or so. I hope coming to Beautiful Cayce won't remind them of home.
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