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Monday, July 21, 2003
  • CNN.com - Driver causes pileup to keep sofa dry - If she'd been like every otehr southerner down here, there would've been plastic wrap on that couch and everything would still be smooth, huh?
  • CNN.com - Burping stars fill cosmos with dust - There's just something about word choice that takes every story down to cafeteria jokes in middle school.
  • Beliefnet.com - Alabama Governor Says Faith Drives Tax Hike - I just don't like attaching Christianity to every little movement. This sounds good, and it's a step in helping people - but to appeal to Jesus on a political matter is wrong on too many levels.
  • RelevantMagazine.com - Movies That Trick Us - good article. Case in point, LXG tried to trick me and my wife into thinking it was a good movie. Go figure.

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