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Monday, July 21, 2003
CNNSI.com - Disturbing behavior: Coddled existence can skew an athlete's perspective - by Phil Taylor

I thought this was a good article on the Kobe Bryant episode. Whether he is guilty or not, he's in a position to "reality" get really skewed for him. For me, I've got too many questions. Why does the public want to exonerate him so fast now that he's admitted to adultery but not to forcible rape? Cheating on your wife brings your integrity into sever doubt, I would think. And like with the Sammy Sosa corked bat incident (Sammy coulda been using that one bat for weeks - how would you know until it splintered like that?), how does anyone know this hasn't happened before with Kobe? This young lady is the only/first/last one to cry foul; but have there been others? Has he cheated before? Can his wife ever be sure? My wife said that she might've sat with me at the news conference, but someone would've had to cut her boney hands from around my crawny neck. I've got nothing against forgiveness and mercy, but is justice going to be withheld in the interests of the media and the Lakers' upcoming schedule?
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