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Wednesday, July 16, 2003
A friend of mine had to ask another older friend from way back to resign his post as Minister of Music at their church. That can't be easy, firing someone you've looked up to and respected, but who obviously has issues and is not complementing the vision of the church. I'm thinking of the bitterness this man must be dealing with, the unforgiveness that is still, after all these years, eating away at his life, his family, his ministry. And I can't help but think that under all of the deception and enemy's lies, there's got to be the realization that this ain't supposed to be like this, you know?

My friend will go on, and the Lord will lead another someone to fill the role of worship leader (not just music leader). But for my other friend - he's even older now (he was old as a leader in the church where we grew up, father to one of our friends in the youth group back then), and more entrenched in how things are done, how things should be, and like I said, his own issues. What will become of him? What's already become of his ministry?
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