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Friday, July 04, 2003
I get most of my search engine hits to this blog from AJGOLF. It's so funny - I can tell you when the infomercial just showed on the Golf Channel or something, because I'll have at least three hits from someone looking at Google or Yahoo! for AJGOLF. So I thought I might oughta have an entry on how/if the videos impacted my golf game.

The official website says that, "AJ [Bonar] has revolutionized the way to a better golf game through his years of experience..." I'm not one who normally does alot of impulse buying, but the infomercial got my attention and the price wasn't too bad. On top of that, there were DVDs, not just VHS, so I knew I just had to have them. The videos couldn't hurt my game, and it just might help.

Well, they didn't hurt. But I don't play enough to tell if they've helped at all. I get to play around three or four times a year, and would play more if my schedule allowed and it wasn't so dang hot here in the summer. But what I have noticed - I watched the DVDs once and haven't seen 'em since, loaning them to buddies - is that I don't think so much anymore. I just hit the ball. And I have hit it more consistently with that one thing probably. I still top the ball, but not nearly as much, and I think it's because I don't wait so long to just hit the thing.

My short game sucks, but I would still recommend the videos - except for the guitar and singing "Down On The Ball" at the end of the third session - skip that one.
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