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Tuesday, July 01, 2003
I'm preaching/teaching at CWO/PowerHouse this Thursday evening on OBEDIENCE. Starting with what it's not - Obedience Is Not Sacrifice - and ending up with what it is - Obedience Is A Promise. The goal is to use the time wisely in one night, but I can make it a two-parter if necessary. And right now, it looks necessary. So much of our mental make-up is set on Obedience and Sacrifice being wrapped up together - the WANT-TO of Obedience and the HAVE-TO of Sacrifice. But I see something different at work in the kingdom. Maybe the only acceptable Sacrifice is one flowing from Obedience, instead of looking at my Obedience as some sort of Sacrifice... I can flesh that out more. Anyway, come on by if you're in town, 7pm Thursday 07/03.

Right now, I'm going to use this space for a rough draft and some links I just Googled:

  • Obedience, Not Sacrifice
  • Is Obedience Better Than Sacrifice?
  • Obedience Over Sacrifice
  • Sacrifice & Obedience
  • Love, Joy & Sacrifice
  • Barriers To Obedience
  • Sacrifice and Obedience
  • Obedience Not Sacrifice
  • The Ten Commandments - Obedience
  • bibleteacher.org: The School Of Obedience by Andrew Murray
  • To Obey Is Better Then Sacrifice

    Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmm...
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