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Thursday, July 17, 2003
It's going to be tough when school starts back and I've got to get the kids to school on time before getting to work myself. I'm getting spoiled - rolling out of bed as early as I want, hitting Starbucks on the way, getting in for a good parking space. Just lazy this morning, heading downstairs around 6:30a to let the dawg out and make coffee. My wife came down a little later, and we enjoyed the peace and quiet and aroma - for about ten minutes, before Thing1 and Thing2 came barreling down teh stairs to start their day of destruction.

I'm reading THE PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE by Rick Warren with an email discussion list. I must admit, I'm not taking it in too well - just don't like his style towards me as the reader, kinda talking down, as opposed to his voice in P-D CHURCH, which I remember enjoying pretty much. Anyway, yesterday's chapter opened the first "purpose" - to worship the Father, to bring Him joy. One of the things he writes is that we are to be worshippers, that we're wired to worship, and if the object of worship isn't God, we'll find something else, usually ourselves. So this is what I'm pondering (haven't read "today's" entry yet): in light of the call to let everything I do be done for Him, not for men (Col 3:23), what in me still needs to just "practice His presence" every moment of every day? Because it's more than just "I'm doing this for God, not my boss." It's about the relationship, working alongside, realizing I'm bringing Him joy in doing this for my boss well, etc. I am doing it "unto the Lord" if I'm focused on His presence right here, practicing His presence in prayer, meditating on Him being here.
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