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Wednesday, July 09, 2003
It's hot. Humid and hot. Damp, moist and hot. Like stepping into a hot bath when you walk out the doors. And my lovable BLACK Honda CRV with BLACK interior is waiting outside, patiently ROASTING, for me to leave work and drive the thirty-minute commute home.

I want to know this: when will auto manufacturers develop a way for cars to sweat? I don't want to use the radiator fluids, but somehow if the condensation from my A/C could be refunnelled around the car, cooling it somehow, dripping below to a containment vessel in the shade so it would be re-cooled and recycled... Somebody get on that, ok?

I shouldn't complain. It's usually worse here in the armpit of the state. Right now, according to WeatherBug - 94 F, with a heat index of 104. Whew. No coffee for me, thanks. The rest of the year is fine around here, being fairly mild, with little snow in the winter. But for July and August, and usually part of September, it's muggy and humid and hot.

And here I am, in the A/C, complaining.... must be the heat.
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