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Wednesday, July 30, 2003
Not a bad day at work today. Our portion of the company does software/consulting for the financial sector, most specifically insurance companies around the world. And while everyone in the economy's had their downturn, we've been going through the same things. But it seems to have levelled out a bit, at least from my peon perspective. I've spotted a few "old friends" over the past few days, people I've worked with in the thirteen years I've been here.

Just reminiscing - I've been on four different teams. That's not many, considering some folks probably change teams/loyalties every year or so. I started with one group in 1990, stayed there 'til that customer went belly up. Then I transferred to a base group - team that worked on developing the base product, not directly with customers. That was a time when the company was going through major changes and lots of people left on their own. I transferred to another group, doing what I basically do now - working on print solutions for a particular set of customers. That group folded and some of us ended up in another sector, working on a different set of smaller companies/customers.

All that time, all those teams - so I've got a few friends still scattered around the building and across the state. That's cool - bumping into someone after a long time, asking how the kids are, what's going on, etc. And we move on, keeping our memories of the past, re-living them from time to time.
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