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Saturday, July 19, 2003
TheState.com - Columbia and Cayce to share Bantu families

This is an update to yesterday's post - and this article makes our happy little hamlet of Cayce look even more assinine and classless. Columbia has agreed to help with the resettlement of Bantu Muslims, taking some of the *burden* from Cayce, where most of our citizens appear to not want anything to do with them. I think it's summed up best by comparing a couple of quotes:I understand that there would be a strain on resources, but the right response would've been how can we make this work - instead of being so fast to cry foul and say we've been puit into a bind. These folks have been kicked out of their homeland, with many children never knowing what that homeland looked like. They've lived as refugees in a land that doesn't want them, and they're coming to a city that doesn't want them either. But this community had better get off it's self-righteous derriere and welcome them as neighbors, or we'll stay backwoods and redneck for even more generations to come.

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