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Saturday, July 05, 2003
Well, it's Saturday, and I finally feel like I've got an "extra" day. Yesterday, the Friday 07/04 holiday, felt like a Saturday all day long. We spent the afternoon out on the lake - lots of fun, and I only got a little sun on my face and shoulders. We ate "the world's best hamburgers last night" - that's what Grampa called 'em, and they were pretty good. Today, a ministry opp at CWO, where we will pick up sidewalk trash up and down Rosewood Drive. Trying to keep it real this afternoon, too, with a trip to the bookstore for some more summer reading, or if it's not raining we might hit Frankie's mini-golf again.

It's a good long weekend, and there's alot on my mind. But not so much that I'm bogged down like I might've been last weekend. I'm looking forward to today. Amen?
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