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Saturday, August 23, 2003
Busy Saturday, but not too bad. Last night, the kids spent the night at my folks' house - woo hoo - and we finally got to see PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN. Best movie of the year, imho, with the only drawback being that I figured out a plot point at the end way beforehand - hate it when that happens. We went to Corky's afterwards - good food, but the "live music" - a guy with a keyboard/synth - was a little too loud and un-conducive to conversation.

This morning, Cammi's at cheerleader camp with her friends, Trace and I have done some shopping, and when we came home I cleaned out the gerbil cage - Rudy & Jimmy ain't slummin' no more. We boys have been lazy here, watching JUSTICE LEAGUE and playing NCAA 2004.

Now, a quick lunch before heading to Reagan's 4-yr-bday party at Pastor's house. After that, Cleansing Streams Session #2 - CONSECRATION (I'll post more on that later). So you see, we are way busier than a Saturday should be, but it's not that bad. Though I wish I'd won on NCAA 2004 - drat.
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