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Wednesday, August 06, 2003
CNN.com - Episcopalians approve gay bishop - Aug. 6, 2003

..... dang.

This is wrong on so many fronts. I should be angry and up in arms that Truth has been twisted to allow this to happen. But I'm more sad than mad - sad that the foundations of the church have been mislaid, that real people have made a mistake that seems so right in their own eyes. We've allowed ourselves to be deceived through rationalization and compromise, and the fruit of that is playing out on a national and international stage. How can anyone be held to a standard when the Standard is disavowed and argued out of existence?

I have no doubt that he is a good man, that he has ministered and served in many ways the people under his charge, that he has the intellect to carry on in "ministry" in the capacity of Bishop. But... that's not the issue. Where's conviction? Where's repentance? Where's a pursuit of holiness? At the very least, where's the ability to stop doing something that might rationalized as "legal" but is still so harmful and detrimental to others that it's not longer beneficial? Where is this "friend" laying down his life or his lifestyle for others?

There's nowhere in the public marketplace to debate this issue, because everyone on both sides are so adamant against the other. But in the church, there should be no debate, no "taking our brothers to court" in order to come to a consensus opposed to the what the Bible says.

My $.02.
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