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Monday, August 18, 2003
Conversation in my car this morning, on the way to school - my daughter wants a kitten for her birthday (still a couple of months away):

Cammi: When I get the kitten, I don't know what to name it.
Daddy (me): We'll see, darlin' - don't know if we're getting a kitten yet.
C: But I want to name it after a Powerpuff Girl. I don't know if it'll be Blossom, or Buttercup, or Bubbles?

[continuing conversation about pets, animals/names I had growing up, etc]

D: Well, Cam, do you want a big bird like Papaw has?
C: No.
D: What about fish in a fish tank?
C: No, I think I want to have a kitten.
D: But kittens don't swim very well. They don't last long in fish tanks.
Trace: But then you could call it Bubbles.

That's my boy.
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