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Saturday, August 16, 2003
I feel rotten. My right ear has been feeling like it's full of gunk, but then there's nothing there, then it feels like it's dripping and full, but nothing found on the q-tip - eeww. Now I just feel kinda yuck from the shoulders up. Matching the weather around here today - cloudy/overcast with a few thunderstorms passing through, one on the way. So while my wife and daughter run a quick errand before the bottom falls out, I'm making coffee. Gotta do whatcha gotta do.

I met with Scott this morning, discussing chapter four of DIVINE CONSPIRACY. I'm really wrestling with How Did Jesus Teach? Our whole education system is built around passing along information - but Jesus and the teachers of His day and beyond taught to impart life-change. You wouldn't need to take notes - you'd remember a good teacher because his/her words would changee your life. We all remember where we were on 09/11/01 when we heard the news in NYC, DC and Pennsylvania. In part we remember because our lives were changed. Older folks remember where they were when JFK was shot; I remember where I was when the Challenger exploded. This like this make an impact - not a pagefull of notes from my fifth period junior economics class.

What I'm pondering is why there are so few teachers who teach like that - changing lives, not just passing along "a word" or good information. And for the ones who do that, why are there so few of us learners who expect to have our lives changed, who expect more than a transfer of information? I'm on several email lists, and there's alot of debate - but no one's teaching and no one's learning. Getting fairly purturbed at it all...

And yet the finger points back at me, doesn't it? Why am I so hardheaded and unteachable? And how do I really go about teaching to change lives, not just pass on some information or some new twist?

Coffee's ready. I don't feel any better, but at least the java's good.
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