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Tuesday, August 26, 2003
I need a new Bible.

And I'm whiny about it.

The one I've been using for most of the past three years is an NIV study bible, "spirit-filled" with notations and such reflecting a charismatic & pentecostal theology. I've enjoyed it, and it's stretched this formerly-SBC/currently-non-denom reader. But now the binding's toast, with two huge chunks, making up the Gospel all the way through to Hebrews, no longer attached - I'd like to replace it. I've got another study bible, NLT - I like it, but there are some passages that I don't like translated that way as much. Most of our congregation uses NIV, so it's nifty to pull out the NLT or something else from time to time, but I'd like to be on the same page, too.

So why so whiny? Because I can't find the Bible I'd like to have. It would have very little in the way of margin notes or footnotes, but there would be a huge/valuable concordance in the back. And then, if I want notes - boom, they're there - either out of the way on the page, or hyperlinked somehow. That's right - I want an eBook Bible, where I can point and click, but it has the feel of a Bible, margins for my to jot my notes, etc. I want a Bible that's basically plain, but then with lots of stuff only when I need it.

Any suggestions? What do you use, and how would you change it?
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