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Friday, August 15, 2003
I very nearly missed it. Well, I did miss the *actual date* - but I think I can salvage something worthwhile...

Today is the second day of the second year of this blog.

Yesterday was the anniversary of the very first post on August 14, 2002 @ 6:58pm. I wondered then if I really needed another creative outlet, something I still wonder today. I've got a larger sidebar for links and such, and I've got who knows how many entries since that first one. But do I really need to write somewhere for others to see....? Yeah, what the heck.

Other stats since adding eXTReMe Tracking (03/19/2003):
  • 3783 unique visitors
  • 5367 hits with reloads
  • 1891 visitors via referrers (thanks)
  • most hits from a searchengine: Google
  • most hits from a keyword: "ajgolf"
  • 286 hits in my highest week, averaging 171
  • 57 hits on my highest day 07/30/03, averaging 25

    All that to say... thanks for playing.
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