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Saturday, August 09, 2003
It's been a busy Saturday, but not in a bad way. After breakfast at WaffleHouse and a couple of paintball whelps, the kids and I went swimming. Now, we're waiting for V to get home with dinner from Fazoli's. She's also stopping by Old Navy - I gotta get a new hat after almost ruining a decent Hilton Head one this morning on the fields of war.

We got GANGS OF NEW YORK in the mail today from Netflix. Hopefully we'll get to watch it this evening, but if we watch it upstairs I'm going to asleep early. Don't know if it was the paintball or swimming or WaffleHouse, but I'm beat. Comes with getting old, or so I hear. I'd rather watch it downstairs in the home theater - the music sounds like it'll be much better in surround sound than through our TV speakers in the master bdrm. But that means either we (A) wait for the kids to go to bed and therefore stay up 'til after midnight, or (B) making the kids watch their Nickelodeon upstairs when supper gets here so we can start the film before 8pm. I'm voting for (B).

Here's the thing with Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network and the rest: I'm so tired of cartoons. I mean, I can laugh and giggle at most of these shows, and the kids know which ones are offlimits for not being funny, for crude humor, etc. That's not the point. By the time I've seen an episode fifty-seven times, I've pretty much wore out all the retinal nerve I want on that particular storyline. I'm excited with them when there's a brand new episode- but then I'm going to see it umpteen times within the next week. Right now, I'll take a little Weather Channel until FOOTBALL SEASON starts...
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