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Monday, August 11, 2003
It's been one of those days today. Getting over stomach flu, finding out that work I'd been doing was not going to be needed by the customer, falling asleep on my left arm - really tight right now. All that to say - blahg.

But life is good. I can't really complain, much. Whenever I start to point the finger, I find myself in the line of fire, needing to repent, in need of mercy and grace. Tonight, I want sleep - but I also want my wife to sleep well, even if the women's ministry meeting is over here tomorrow night. And I want our children to sleep well, knowing that tomorrow will be another huge adventure for each of them. I even want the dawg to sleep well, and not wake either of us up to let her out for her normal 2am fling.

So I sit here at 9:31pm, writing something and writing nothing at the exact same time. It's what I do.
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