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Monday, August 18, 2003
Monday monday... another week, another dollar. Feeling better this morning - thanks for everyone's get-well-wishes over the weekend. It was nuts, with church and trying to get too much done on the weekend while (a)feeling like pus and (b)still wanting to be lazy and rest a little, you know? But it was good, and I'm actually feeling energized for this week.

My wife's birthday is Wednesday - don't tell her ;) but we're going to start "birthday week" tonight. I think we'll have fun, letting the kids get involved in an no-holds-barred tickle fight to wear them out and then get them to bed on time. Then "us big kids" can finally try to watch THE GANGS OF NY so I can send that one back to Netflix. Double disc and almost 3hrs long - if I can't stay in tune for an hour, it'll go back unfinished. But I'm hoping it'll be better than that. We started watching DAREDEVIL last night. I liked it more when we saw it than she did, and it's still got a kick to it. Might have to own that one... enjoyed watching it a little with the commentary, which is really the biggest thing for me in a DVD over VHS.

Anyway, we're all getting over the virus/worm/whatever at work, and now that my PC has been cleaned and rendered harmless, it's time to reboot and actually get some work done.

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