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Thursday, August 14, 2003
My wife asked me the other day if she was the unteachable person I might've been referring to in an earlier post. No - at least, I don't think so. But she knows me too well. How do I write? When do I write? Normally, it's when something strikes me - funny or silly or profound or whatever. Sometimes, there's a catalyst - but I'd never do anything to name persons involved or single anyone out. That's not fair, and it's bad form for me on what's basically a public forum. Also, most of the time when I rant, I'm trying to get a handle on the "this is my problem, too" syndrome, letting it convict me where needed so that I can grow as an individual. So if I ever mention a particular person or conversation or somemthing, know that it's no one in particular.

With unteachability, something I hit on again today, this is just a topic that's stayed in my craw for some time. It has to do with individuals, with congregations, and of course, in me.

So there you have it - or at least a piece of it. What the heck makes Rick write.........?

Besides, if I had a problem with my wife, I'd rather work it with her than here, right? That wouldn't be good - and making up wouldn't be any fun at all.
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