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Wednesday, August 13, 2003
My wife has this notion that since I can take time to blog about her favorite realityTV show, that I should also share something about my favorite.

Ok, I admit it - I can buy into BigBrother. I watched most of BB3, and now that BB4 is getting down to the end of the cast/competitors, I can enjoy it. There's strategy, and alot of $$$ at the end, but it's really more about people living together, getting to know one another - better than the Real World ever hoped to be. Most of the people are genuine, and the ones who play well while still holding onto their integrity are fun to watch.

So go ahead. Sue me. Shake you head and tsk-tsk-tsk me. But if I'm allowed to stay in the house - watch out. Everyone's getting saved, and I'll tithe off the cash prize.
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