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Wednesday, August 13, 2003
Remember when I wrote this morning that I needed to stop thinking about sleep so I could get some work done? Man - am I sleepy right now. Three or more cups of coffee this morning, and a tank of Dr Pepper and a Diet Vanilla Coke this afternoon, and all it did was make me want to go to bed. Not a good idea, since I've for a half-hour drive from here to the house - but still, geez. Can't stop yawning. I should sleep at night. Definitely going to make a pot of joe when I get home - because if I fall asleep this evening, I'll be up all night again. Not good.

In other news, I've got these thoughts going through my head:
  • Jesus used parables to teach us in a way that is life changing. He didn't just seek to transfer information, but to really impact the lives of His hearers, and us (Dallas Willard, my paraphrase).
  • How does obedience fit into theological & philosophical discussion that tend to rule out obedience in favor of a wopsided view of grace?
  • Am I a leader who successfully challenges folks with God's "what ifs"? Do I display the tools in my life, and am I adequately teaching others how to use those same tools? Am I self-leading, working on my own inner man after God's own heart?
  • Man, I'm so sleepy.....
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