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Sunday, August 10, 2003
Sunday morning 5:24am, and I'm up because I just couldn't keep laying there dozing in and out. Besides, I had to go to the bathroom (the only *real* reason anyone gets out of bed), and I've got to run the bulletins and stuff for church this morning. So I came to the PC while the coffee brews, and then I'm sitting down to the bright lights of the kitchen table to read my Bible, pray, seek Him this morning.

Why is it that so many people never really seek Him? Why is it that I so often "seek Him" without really seeking Him? This morning, thousands of us will go to church all over the country, millions around the world. But this place would have a different attitude about it if all of us going to church were really seeking after Him. I want to be counted in the "really seeking" number. Printing out a BibleGateway search on "seek" to take with me to the kitchen table (restricted to NT, just to keep it simple and print on one page). I want to find a passage on seeking Him, pursuing Him, enjoying Him.
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