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Wednesday, August 13, 2003
Two cups of coffee and I'm just now getting rid of cottonmouth. I hate it when I fall asleep downstairs, but that's what happens when I (a) need to run the gosh-awful-long virus scans on two PCs, and (b) I'm trying to give my wife a little peace and quiet by letting the dawg out. I did (a), but sadly missed it with (b) - she had to come downstairs and let the animal out, with me sprawled and inert on the couch. Tonight, I'm going to be at 6pm - naah, just kidding. 6:15pm.

Our evening routine is ususally pretty decent, but since I sleep so hard, she's the one who gets nudged and cold-nosed in the middle of the night. Or, even though her side of the bed is all the way on the other side of the room, the kids will still go all the way over there to tell her about a bad dream and to crawl up into mommy & daddy's bed. I'm not complaining - but I do feel bad that her sleep gets interrupted while I'm mindlessly sawing logs. Don't know what we can do about it besides shutting the dawg's door to the attic, forcing her into a new schedule for potty time. And the kids will just have to get older & stop coming in that often. Meanwhile, I tend to stay up a little later, hoping to give her a break and let her at least try to go to sleep as deeply as she can.

Enough talk about sleep though - geez. I've got to stay awake...
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