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Sunday, August 03, 2003
Well, Sunday night - where has the weekend gone? After enjoying the "blahg" yesterday and being a little lazy while still getting some stuff done, today has been pretty much a getting-after-it kind of day. Church this morning, lunch at Mom & Dad's, home for a nap and cleaning up this evening, getting the kids ready for bed.

  • CHURCH: The first Sunday of each month is "Cast The Net" - a time for special evangelistic emphasis, a little more laid back and less formal, where more people might be welcome to come and be challenged by the truth in an atmosphere of acceptance, honesty, and expectancy. We're like that the other Sundays of the month, too - but having a day where it's emphasized has helped us focus on it a little more, you know?

  • LUNCH: Most Sundays, we go to my parents' house for dinner, and my mother-in-law and Mr. Ron (her "beau") join us, too. Always a good time to be with family - getting on each other's nerves and all that comes with the territory of family. Today was good, and felt a little more laid back than usual. But we stayed longer than normal, not getting home until after 4pm or so.

  • NAP: Getting home later really screwed up my naptime clock. I'd been looking forward to getting out of church clothes and just stretching out for a bit. But when I finally had a real moment to do that, it was already five o'clock, and I slept so hard. 2-hour nap, slept through everything going on, probably ticked off the missus a little ("how can he sleep through that?"). But I'm awake now, getting some evening stuff done.

  • EVENING: This week, school starts back on Thursday. Whilemy wife the teacher does her pre-semester stuff at school, the kids will have a babysitter. So we've got to make sure there's a schedule, stuff to do, snacks and lunch stuff, etc. On top of that, the house needs to be clean and the toys need to be accessible, right? That's the kinds of things we're doing right now... Well, actually, I'm blogging, not getting anything done while my sweetie has run to the grocery store. But I'll get after it - promise.
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