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Wednesday, September 24, 2003
Ever feel like you're living life while walking through water? That's what I feel like today - that the air is stiff. I'm not really in a funk as much as i'm just pensive, thinking too much maybe. But as I move, I feel resistence, like there's not as much give in moving forward today. On top of that, it's getting hot in the sunshine - so I guess it's more like moving through soup. Eeeeww.

I went to the mall today at lunch with a list of CDs I wanted to find. Didn't know if I'd actually buy one or not, but I wanted to see them, see if I'd be interested. Didn't find any of them - nowhere. I did buy HOLES on DVD - T and I loved seeing that last spring, and I bought it "for mommy" 'cause she'll like it, too. But nothing else on my "list". Even went to BestBuy across the street. Nothing. Zilch. Nada.

And it felt like such a wasted trip. I wasn't hungry, but ended up getting a burger and tea - good idea on the tea. And I drove back to work, a little sweaty from being outside in the gorgeous sunshine, and... well, feeling like I was still walking through water. I've got enough to keep me busy this afternoon, and then I'll be playing with my little girl tonight @ home. So I'll be putting headphones back on, listening to the radio, trying to figure out how to do the backstroke and just float...

Today, I want to be Superman.
Same job. Same issues.
Added ability to fly.

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