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Friday, September 05, 2003
Got alot to do this weekend, so I'll either be absent as a blogger, or I'll use this space to journal my thoughts, prepping for preaching tomorrow night and starting a new teaching series Sunday morning. I mean, I'll probably condense whatever notes I've got after the fact, but I might pop some things here, too - like note cards. Hated those things in high school, getting ready for a major term paper. Eeeww, still gives me the willies.

Anyway, tomorrow night @ CWO 7pm, I'll be hitting on Overcoming Confusion, part of the Cleansing Streams curriculum. Good stuff from 2 Timothy 2:19-26, partnering with God, realizing that there is activity & obedience needed from us individually as Christians. Sunday morning, we're starting a new study series on the Sermon on the Mount, a follow-up to the videos we've spent watching this summer on the 10 Commandments. All that, and I'm wrestling with coffee issues - no seriously, just keeping my self in check there - a noontime football game tomorrow that's likely to get wet, and trying to find time tonight to just be quiet and peaceful at home - which probably means my wife and I hiding from the children.

Pray that all will go well, that I'll hear from God, and we'll be able to seek real life-transformation in all this and not just the sharing of information... thanks.
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