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Wednesday, September 10, 2003
September 11th Media FastI'll possibly be a little more prolific here today - alot on my mind, but don't know if it'll get written out. But I won't be posting anything tomorrow. Feel free to continue thoughts or whatever, but I'm going to participate in a "media fast." Tomorrow is the second anniversary of the events of 09/11/01, and there will be more than enough television and media coverage all over the place. I feel like the risk to romanticize and sentimentalize the tragedies and the hopes is all so much hype and pomp. So I won't be blogging, won't be emailing (past what's needed for work duties), won't be surfing through CNN.com, etc. Tomorrow evening after church, I might turn on the TV and watch college football - I might not. But this fast/boycott of media outlets is something that I need to do to protrect my own sense of things. I appreciate your interaction here - and anyone who wants to take over in the comments (to a point 8^p, ok?), knock yourself out.

Throw back your thoughts on this today, or I'll catch up again on Friday.
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